Shapes of Time: Visualizing Set Changes Over Time

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In cultural heritage collections, categorization is an important technique used to document historical developments or cultural movements by grouping artifacts with set-typed metadata, like genres, groups, or categories. Visualizations can communicate to casual users how such sets organize a collection - and how they change over time. But existing interfaces fall short a) by not representing an overview of the temporal development of the sets in an integrated, multidimensional view and b) of not representing the set elements, i.e. the cultural objects, but only their aggregations. We developed two integrated, multidimensional visualization techniques - a superimposition and a space-time cube view - to depict the development of sets and their elements over time, and evaluated both approaches.
Vortrag: SetVA Set Visual Analytics Workshop at IEEE VIS 2019, Vancouver, Canada; 2019-10-20
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SetVA - Set Visual Analytics Workshop at IEEE VIS 2019
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