Visual Exploration of Financial Data with Incremental Domain Knowledge

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Modelling the dynamics of a growing financial environment is a complex task that requires domain knowledge, expertise and access to heterogeneous information types. Such information can stem from several sources at different scales, complicating the task of forming a holistic impression of the financial landscape, especially in terms of the economical relationships between firms. Bringing this scattered information into a common context is, therefore, an essential step in the process of obtaining meaningful insights about the state of an economy. In this paper, we present Sabrina 2.0, a Visual Analytics (VA) approach for exploring financial data across different scales, from individual firms up to nation-wide aggregate data. Our solution is coupled with a pipeline for the generation of firm-to-firm financial transaction networks, fusing information about individual firms with sector-to-sector transaction data and domain knowledge on macroscopic aspects of the economy. Each network can be created to have multiple instances to compare different scenarios. We collaborated with experts from finance and economy during the development of our VA solution, and evaluated our approach with seven domain experts across industry and academia through a qualitative insight-based evaluation. The analysis shows how Sabrina 2.0 enables the generation of insights, and how the incorporation of transaction models assists users in their exploration of a national economy.

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Computer Graphics Forum
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0167-7055, 1467-8659
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